Terms and Conditions

Welcome to HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM, in this page, you will see all of the terms & conditions of our website so make sure to read them all before using any services that we offer. These terms and conditions are concerned with all of the services and the content that you will find on HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM.  Therefore, by using our website’s services or content, you consent to the conditions & the terms listed in this T&C, and if you have any problem with any term in our TOS, you should not use any services or view any content that is offered on HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM.

The Terms of Service:

1- The terms of the TOS can be changed by HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM at any time without notifying users. This change can be a minor change in one of the terms and it can include the addition or the cancellation of entire terms.

2- HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM does not use cookies.

3- We are not responsible for any websites that our website might link to. We do not know if they use cookies or no and we are not responsible for any kind of content that is on offer at these websites. So when a user clicks on a link to go to another website, he is entering it on his own responsibility.

4- HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM will offer customers numerous services and features such as contests, forums, polls, website reviews and more. All of the above-mentioned services can be edited and changed at any given time at the discretion of HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM without notifying the users.

5- It is the user’s responsibility to know about the laws and regulations of his country in regards of the services that we offer. All of these services are provided to customers for research purposes only.

6- HTTP://20BESTCASINOS.COM can accept money in return for advertising purposes such as listing reviews and information.