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The Ruby Fortune Casino is an online casino and helps people have a great gaming experience. They were founded in 2003, making up one of six different online casinos offered through the Palace Group Brand, and have been highly popular ever since their founding. The Casino has four rules that they follow to help ensure that users have a great gaming experience while potentially earning money. They think that it is important to have an easy payout available for users and that they are good amounts so their clients will want to continue playing at the Ruby Fortune. Their games are also easy to use so that anyone can understand and play the games. The personal information of the client is kept confidential so that the users feel secure while they play the casino games. The last of their important rules is to make sure that their users are having fun.

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Game Selection

There are quite a few different games available for the entertainment and use of the players. In fact, there are more than 450 games for people to play! There are many categories offered for the specification of the client. Slot games are just one of these many categories that allows players to spin the slots to match up specific shapes. The kind of slot games available through Ruby Fortune are both 3 and 5 slot games, whatever the player may want to play at the time. There are also different kinds of table games that they can play, such as Craps and many different kinds of poker, and even offer a high speed variety of poker for many different people to play.

There are also live casino games offered online through Ruby Fortune. A Live Casino Game is when a dealer appears in live, real time through a webcam, allowing people to play with each other live. They can access it through a live stream link and watch as the game happens right in front of their eyes.

Mobile Casino

In recent years, Ruby Fortune Casino has developed an app for their players to play on the go. They are giving players the ability to play where ever they want, when they want, through either their phones or tablets and other hand held electronic items. Their mission for this app is the same as the original site, being safe and secure for its players while keeping the fun element that makes the Ruby Fortune so popular. Players don't have to make a new account once they download the app either. A player only has to login to their usual account and are set to go to play the games they love right away.

Casino Software

The games that are provided at Ruby Fortune Casino were planned and developed by the company Microgaming, who have been around since they began helping to develop the Interactive Gaming Council in 1997. They provide many different casino games to many online casinos, helping others as well as the Ruby Fortune Casino to help bring these safe and fun online gambling games to their users. Microgaming has earned many rewards for their gaming, and in fact, won more rewards in 2002 than Gambling Express magazine. One of their most well known games that they produced, Major Millions, has set a world record for being the largest jackpot game provided online to pay out people at an amazing 1.5 million euros awarded to winners. Such a well renowned company is what has helped make the Ruby Fortune a go to place for online gamblers.

Promotions and Bonuses

The Ruby Fortune Casino has a promotion to help encourage people to sign up. When a user does decide to sign up, they get a free 750 pound bonus to use at the Casino. This has helped encourage more users to sign up, and The Ruby Fortune feels that it is crucial to have bonuses so that players feel that they are being gifted from the Casino just to use their services. Another different kind of bonuses they provide are the Deposit Bonuses, which will match up to a certain percentage and give that much back to the player just for depositing money.

The First Deposit Bonus meets up with the player's deposited money by 100 percent, and will award up to 150 euros to the player. The Second Deposit award goes down by 50 percent and is worth up to deposits of 200 euros. In the end, they will reward a 25 percent bonus on the third deposit and will award the player a free 400 euros in a way to say thanks for using their services. With all of these rewards, it is no wonder why the Ruby Fortune Casino is a go to place for many.

Bonus: €£$750.00

Date: November 11, 2015

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