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Lucky Nugget Casino is your alternative to have to walk into a physical location. While a computer cannot serve up cocktails just yet, the games at Lucky are very real and so are the cash stakes. Enjoy attractive virtual tables and play against both the house and real players. There is no shortage of excitement, and there is the added benefit of not having to leave the comfort of your own home.

€£$1000 + 50 FREE SPINS at Lucky Nugget Casino

Your human opponents cannot look at the cards and cannot bribe the dealer. There are too many players to make collusion likely. In short, Lucky Nugget Casino provides a completely fair gaming environment. Other players have no choice but to follow the rules, and none of them can take their losses out on you.More specifically, Lucky Nugget has one of the largest selection of games available form an all-Canada gaming site. Over 300 games are available, and the odds of winning are the same every single day.

Virtually every casino favorite can be found at Lucky Nugget, and there is no need to wonder around a large floor, looking for an open seat. Hop into your favorite game instantly.There are many versions of blackjack and poker available, as well as slot machines of every conceivable theme and jackpot system. There is no end to the variety, and a person who is tired of one can find something else to bet on. Dice game that normally require a crowd will now cater just to you. Spin those wheels and roll that dice; the pace of action is much faster, and you are the only customer in line.Some players unfamiliar with virtual casinos might be wary of betting their money on something that is entirely software.

There is no need for concern, because the operation is under surveillance by eCOGRA, which is a professional watch dog that makes sure all transactions and bets are fair. The odds of winning are actually higher than gamblers in Las Vegas experience. With such a generous system, every customer has a chance to hit the Jackpot.Table games are exactly what you would find in a brick and mortar casino; cards are shown on the table and every card is accounted for by the sophisticated and complete algorithm. The table looks real, and the shuffling and dealing are for real. The only difference is that the electronic dealer is a hundred times faster.

The chips stack naturally and the sound is authentic, too. A player soon forgets that he or she is at home, and the cash at stake adds to the realism.There are plenty of instant games to play, so there is no reason to get bogged down into a long table session. Microgaming is quite popular, as many players are into the habit of hopping around and getting a bit of everything. All these games are powered by cryptologic, which approximates real odds and real play. If a table or deck of cards does it naturally, then cryptologic does it, too.

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Date: November 13, 2012

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