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GUTS Casino is one of many online casinos that gives its players an opportunity to get a real casino gambling experience with the travel. The casino is based in Malta, and it has a license to operate in many countries around the world. This article is a general overview of the casino, how it operates and what players can expect to find when they get there.

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Game Selection

The casino is divided into three distinct sections. Players may go to the table games where they will play traditional games like craps, blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette. Each game on the casino floor is laid out with tables for every ability level. A true hustler can go to the expert poker table, and a novice may feel more comfortable sitting at the novice roulette table.

Players will learn more from the games they play by playing with the right people, and each table has regulars that will become friends in the casino. Regulars have a very good idea of how each game works, and beginners will learn how to play in the casino the right way. There is a customer service prepared to offer service to every customer, but regulars can answer questions for many customers.

The slots room is filled with hundreds of slot machines that customers will love playing. The slots range from very simple to very complex, and each slot machine allows players the chance to play a game they truly enjoy. Some slot machines feature the old fruits from Vegas, and new slot machines play like serious video games that have been contrived just for the casino.

GUTS Casino also has a large room dedicated to video games. Video games that are made for gambling include video poker, but some video games are true unicorns in the gambling world. Gamblers who are invested in playing video games will enjoy playing games that have odd betting strategies or interesting plots. Each room in the casino is a bit different, but each one captures the attention of the gamblers in the casino.

Mobile Casino

There is a mobile casino in the GUTS family, but there are many lovely games on the site itself. People who are looking for the mobile experience will likely find it in the hidden in the app for the site, and everyone who is looking for a mobile gaming experience will be able to find those games in the app. The casino itself is lovely, but the mobile casino is equally nice. There are many games on the app that are just like the games in the casino, and the mobile app has more games than the live casino because of the massive selection provided the software providers.


The software at the casino is designed by companies like Microgaming, Betsoft and NetEnt. These companies have contracts with GUTS that call for more game development every year. The new games come from the slate of games produced by the programming firms, and the newest games are made just for GUTS. GUTS has a healthy balance of both new and old games that helps keep all the players in the casino interested.

Promotions And Bonuses

The original bonus is a 100% bonus that allows players to get back quite a bit of money when they put their money into their account for the first time. Players will get a bonus when they make their first four deposits of 100 pounds, and players may find bonuses of up to 100 free spins in the slots room. Someone who is serious about playing will receive monetary bonuses and spin bonuses to help extend their time in the slots room.

The GUTS Casino is a beautifully rafted casino that has gorgeous graphics everyone will enjoy. The casino sucks players in with its graphics, but players will enjoy getting their bonuses when they come to the casino for the first time. The casino is a nice place to gamble, and players will make friends with others through the chat feature on the site. Every player who comes to GUTS Casino gets a variety of games, bonuses and customer service that serve them quite well.

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Date: November 11, 2015

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