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20 Best Online Casinos rates and reports the top 20 most popular online casinos. This is a dynamic process and many of the factors involved in determining ranking can change at any time. These factors include the speed of payout, overall reliability of the online casino promotions, and bonuses that are offered as well a range of customer service topics.

What are Casino Wagering Limits?

Casino games, no matter where in the world they are played, have a limit to them. To be more accurate, they have two limits. The first is a lower limit, representing the minimum bet that you must make at the table. The second is an upper limit, representing the maximum bet that you can make at the table. The minimum bet makes a lot of sense to most people. After all, the casino has to pay for space, the dealer, and the electricity and therefore needs to ensure a minimum amount of revenue from the people that play the game. The maximum bet is a bit more confusing to most people and they do not conceptually understand it. Below are the main reasons why casinos have limits on the amount of money you can bet at a table.

Financial Protection

The first and perhaps most important reason that casino games have maximum bet amounts is so that the casino can protect itself in a financial sense. If the tables did not have maximum bets, then players could bet in ridiculous amounts and put all of the money they brought with them on a single bet. While this would be very sweet for the casino in the long run, in the short run the variance might swing against them and place them in a position where they had to pay out more bets than they could afford and that is not a very good position for the casino to be in.

It might not seem like a very strong reason to you, but from the casino’s point of view, it is absolutely necessary. At the same time, however, there are of course VIP tables that people can play at with maximum bets that are much higher. In the world, however, there are very few tables relative to the whole that have no maximum bet and they are saved mostly for very important guests.

Statistical Protection

Another reason that the casino limits the amount of money that can be bet at a table is to protect themselves against the statistics. There are progressive bets that people can make to cover their previous loss such that if they end up winning a hand they end up winning all of their money back. In such progressions, a person can win well below their expectation in terms of hands and still end up winning large amounts of money from the table.

In order to guard against this, the casino has to make sure that the range between the minimum and the maximum bet is sufficiently small that the progression can only be carried for a handful of bets and therefore is too risky a proposition for most players to try. This is why you often see casinos with $10 and $100 limits. They are trying to protect against this very thing happening. Most casinos will either increase the minimum or decrease the maximum in order to get this done and in most cases they increase the minimum so that they can make more money in the process.

It is a good idea to try a free online casino game first that way you can get a feeling of how the online casinos work. Here is another good site that ranks and reviews free casinos and tells you where you can try the free casino games.